• Happiness is not a goal -it is by-product - Eleanor Roosevelt
  • The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt


"Susanne is a consistent and conscious coach. She is always sensing how I feel and makes effort to understand me. She seeks progress incrementally to enable me to kick start my change journey and has never failed to check with me what do I wish to work on in every session She is generous in her sharing and has been patient with my regular change of coaching schedule.

Susanne is careful to track and follow up closely our coaching dialogue and always checks my progress. She is calm and uses a fair amount of sensing and feeling: I believe that she has what it takes of being a great coach."

Seok, Bejing


"Susanne has helped me enormously, in identifying the areas I need to work on, in prioritizing my efforts, and giving me the tools I need to stay focused, positive, and moving forward. Although I have at times been a confused and stubborn client, Susanne's coaching has been gentle when I’ve needed a soft touch, and firm when I’ve needed a good kick. She is wise as well as practical--a compassionate guide with grab bag of useful techniques.  I recommend Susanne highly."

Janet H., NY

" Working with Susanne helped me to move forward when I was stuck. She dug deeper when I was avoiding admitting, what the underlying problem is. With her empathic and sensitive way of coaching Susanne encouraged me to change perspective. Her supporting and motivating coaching approach, led to believe in my values and skills again. As a result of our coaching sessions I feel more confident. I would definitely recommend Susanne to others."

Martina S., Bad Homburg

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