Adventure USA – Discover opportunities and new chances

Moving to a well-known, and yet a so differently functioning country like the United States, especially New York, places high demands on us. After a few weeks, or even months, of acclimatization we might find ourselves living in a vacuum that can manifest itself in stress, frustration or simply homesickness. The workshop aims to provide assistance to consciously and actively make use of this new beginning for yourself so that you can see the possibilities offered by this new environment.

  • Building a new network - how does that work?

  • What is the culture shock?

  • Rediscover your own interests

  • Organizing yourself -- how to structure your new life

  • Balance between family, spouse and your own needs

  • How to actively deal with changes

  • Self-management through mindfulness


Mindful parenting for expatriates – reduce stress and conflicts at home

Moving with kids abroad is fascinating but at the same time a challenge. While we as families try to adapt to a new environment and culture we face the typical encounters while parenting. Here and there conflicts at home occur, we sometimes find a strained atmosphere at home and we just wish to recharge our batteries.

The workshop will give you new insights and perceptions for a more mindful approach towards parenting,

  • What is mindfulness

  • How do I listen to my kid – active listening

  • Learn to be “in the moment” – how do I fully pay attention

  • Tools to diffuse conflicts at home

  • Discover new ways of communication through positive language

  • How to incorporate the “third culture” kids develop abroad

  • Difference between praise and acknowledgement

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